Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Doings

So much ado and afoot! I’ll number everything so this post is not completely random:

1)      The Gift-A-Long is still rolling along until the end of December. I’m so amazed and impressed by all the finished objects mounting up. There’s still time to get in on the fun and prizes.

2)      I’m in finals week for my Web Design class. I’ve turned in my project which is a design for the Mister’s author website. You can have a peek here. Comments are welcome. (This link won’t last forever. They clear the server at semester end.) Next year, I’ll let him make decisions about launching something officially on his own domain.

3)      I got a Christmas present early! I took a class from the Yarn Harlot when she came to Raleigh, NC. She was amusing and charming and completely confused about our weather. I told her not to worry, with a 40 degree swing over the weekend from hot to cold; we are as confused as well. I think that makes NC “textile artists” very versatile; we can use all the weights of yarn from chunky to lace. We never know what we need!

Here's my best kinneared shot:

4)      In knitting notes, I’m halfway through my 5 skein design. 20 repeats = 20 inches unblocked. Gauge right on! I’m happy so far.  

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  1. Oh, bummer, that would stink! We Northerners think the South is a tropical paradise during the winter months all the time- guess that isn't always true, huh? And great to hear all your news!