Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boardwalk Bangles

This is a little something I cooked up when I was on the hunt for glow-in-the-dark yarn for my Galaxy Pillow pattern. I found this vinyl yarn called Jelly Yarn. Although it has a great glow, I knew that it wouldn't be right for my pillow but perhaps for some jewelry to wear at the beach.

It is interesting stuff to work with. You have to butter up your needles like putting on suntan lotion.

Here is the recipe for the project:  All mistakes are my own.


1 skein of Jelly Yarn, fine, color Vanilla Peppermint Glow
20 Plastic beads - I bought clear bubble beads in the kids section at Michaels
US 5 metal dpns
Hand salve - mine came with the yarn


Preload 20 beads onto the yarn.
Rub the needles with hand salve as needed throughout the knitting.
CO 40 sts. Join in the round, being careful not to twist.
Knit 2 rnds.
Bead rnd 1: (K1, K2Tog, YO, K1) repeat to end of round. {At each YO bring up a bead and hold to    the front. Should use 10 beads.}
Knit 3 rnds.
Bead rnd 2: (K2Tog, YO, K2) repeat to end of round. {Same note as in Bead rnd 1.}
Knit 2 rnds.

Enjoy the glow!

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