Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Designer Version of Peaks Pillow

If you have been on Ravelry, you might have seen the project I posted for Peaks Pillow. You may be wondering what was she thinking?!

When the design proposal was accepted by Knit Picks they were generous to send me all the yarn needed to complete the pattern. They wanted me to use the Mighty Stitch yarn. However, at that moment back in November, most of the colors had been sold out! They offered to let me wait until the new colors came in but simply put, I couldn't wait. No way, no how!

After looking at the colors available, I devised a new color scheme with my daughter's bedroom in mind.

My pillow looks like this:

So it's not the proposed or final colors in the collection, but it worked out.

My daughter likes it very much.

(Yes, I did envision the pillow with vertical stripes but horizontal looks great too.)

I can't wait to see the pillow in other color combinations. I'll probably be knitting another come winter for my sister.

Friday, July 29, 2016

In a paper book

Mmmm, flip the pages, catch the breeze, smell the ink. I can finally say something I wrote is in a book!  I've been writing e-pubs so long, I mostly gave up on the dream of bound print on paper.

But as all my wise writing friends say: "Never give up."

Here are quick pics of the cover:

My piece didn't make the front, oh well.

But it's on the back. Yay!

The collection is also available in ebook, because yeah, for patterns that can be very convenient. I'm always printing out patterns to work on and rumple up in my knitting bag.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Peaks Pillow in No Place Like Home Collection

Yay! It's finally here! Peaks Pillow. My project I submitted for a call last November. My first acceptance in a Knit Picks collection and my first hush-up-don't-talk-about-it-until-it's-out project. Whew, that was hard.

I'm so excited I'm almost speechless! Ha ha! I apologize in advance for the next few blog posts will probably be all about the pillow.

First up the pretty sneak peek pictures that were shared with me.

Ta da! Peaks Pillow!

Eye popping, no? Keeps you awake with color knitting in front of the TV for sure. Yarn is the new Mighty Stitch. Wish I'd had that rug for inspiration!

Oooo, sister pillow and what's that fab blanket? I have pre-scheduled this post so I haven't seen the rest of the collection as of this writing.

The whole styled bedroom! Look at the macrame on the wall. This reminds me of my childhood home with mom's macrame and Native American collection. Except I was never this cool as a kid (or clutter-free! LOL!) That blanket! That rug! Wow! I can't wait to check those out!

Coming soon: Wait until you see my designer version...

Monday, July 11, 2016

Knit Progress Report 1

Hue Shift blanket at 23% (at least by the end of the day):

The rainbow color way is moving along. I found a good way to mark the center stitch of the mitered square. The pattern called for a locking marker and I had one, a plastic one, that wore out quickly and broke. Then I got a bobby pin and it did the trick! I can move it easily every couple of rows to mark that center stitch.

Felici Socks in the Glacier color way with Stroll contrast toes, heels and cuffs  >50%:

I caught the Knit Picks Felici bug again this year! While waiting for my, ahem, new order, I started in on last year's haul. This is a plain vanilla toe up sock but it surprised me how fast it went! My dear daughter who so far has turned her nose up at most of the wearable knits that I've made has started whispering sweetly in my ear that she suddenly likes blue socks. Imagine that! (These are mine mine mine all mine! Okay she might get a pair of ankles out of my leftover yarn.)

I have to get to finishing though because next up is a shawl kit that is still in the swatching stage and further on the horizon, yarn support is a comin'.  :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Time off to knit

A lot of the sad has been happening here this year. We have lost two family members and even though it was to natural causes, the grief takes a wearying toll.

I have decided to take time off from design to just knit some fun things, to just be. I will still blog (as irregular as usual), but it will mostly be a progress parade of blankets and socks and possibly the shawl kit that I just purchased.

I bought (at least for me) a ridiculous amount of yarn. The Knit Picks Hue Shift afghan kit spoke to me and for some reason I had to have two.

That's enough yarn (I hope) for the Rainbow and the Decor color versions. I hate to do the math on my productivity, but there are 100 small miter blocks in one blanket and I'm reasonably able to knit one a day. So there I am with that eternity. LOL!

It would be all good if I hadn't also started a pair of Felici socks. Heh heh.

Both projects are really addictive and good therapy knitting. I'll post progress pictures in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On Impulse

A couple weeks ago my neighbor texted me that there was yarn at our local weekly farmer's market. I was like, yarn whoa! That has never happened in the years I've lived here. So I had to go see it.

Now this may surprise a lot of you but I find buying yarn at a marketplace actually difficult. If I don't know how much I want or what I want to make, I get overwhelmed, shutdown and don't buy. (Okay I've learned to buy and stash sock yarn, that's mostly a one skein easy so I get a souvenir.) But what to do with the beautiful DK or worsted variegated hand painted pet-able 200 yard skeins? I can't always think on my feet and I hate expensive regrets.

Fortunately, I had a design on my mind for just that sort of yarn market buy. So I came home with this beauty.

(I think I had Prince on my mind but I also know my daughter likes purple.) Yarn is from Iria Yarn Company in the color way Inspiration.

It quickly knit up into this cowl.

It worked better than I expected, to show the beauty of the colors as well as the stitches. I'm thinking of naming the design Soft Serve, as in soft serve ice cream. It is summer here after all.

Still in testing. Still to come.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Year for Patterns on Paper

As much as I love digital media, I do still like paper; especially for printing out that one important pattern chart to jam into my knitting bag. I know a bunch of other knitters that prefer paper as well so I found a site that will let me wholesale printed patterns to craft shops.


ICG Crafts

I only have a few patterns up at the moment as a test run. I'll put more of my collection up there as time and interest tell.

Of course I'm really waiting for my pattern-I-can't-tell-you-about-until-the-end-of-July to come out in a book. Mmmmm paper.